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Im Jahre wird das geregelte Leben der englischen Adelsfamilie Crawley gründlich durcheinandergewirbelt: Da Robert und Cora Crawley lediglich drei Töchter und keinen Sohn haben, soll ein Cousin ersten Grades eines der Mädchen heiraten. Bevor. Downton Abbey ist eine britische Fernsehserie, produziert für den Sender ITV. Die Idee und ein Julian Fellowes & Downton Abbey Cast on Season 2, Emmys, and WWI. In: The Daily Beast. August , abgerufen am September. Downton Abbey ist ein britischer Historienfilm aus dem Jahr unter der Regie von Michael 'Downton Abbey' Movie Due to Begin Filming as Cast Grows, Director Replaced. Collider. ↑ Dave McNary: Imelda Staunton, Geraldine James. Downton Abbey Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter, Phyllis Logan u.v.m. The new cast additions liven it up, from the Royal staff to Princess Mary to a nice performance from Imelda Staunton, who's playing a role far removed from.

downton abbey cast

Downton Abbey ist ein britischer Historienfilm aus dem Jahr unter der Regie von Michael 'Downton Abbey' Movie Due to Begin Filming as Cast Grows, Director Replaced. Collider. ↑ Dave McNary: Imelda Staunton, Geraldine James. Downton Abbey Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter, Phyllis Logan u.v.m. - Erkunde rainbow_highs Pinnwand „downton abbey cast“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Michelle dockery, Lily james, Mode

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Anna Bates Maggie Smith Violet Crawley Penelope Wilton Isobel Merton Douglas Reith Lord Merton Kevin Doyle Mr Molesley Brendan Coyle Mr Bates Raquel Cassidy Miss Baxter Charlie Watson Albert the Hall Boy David Haig Mr Wilson Susan Lynch Miss Lawton Max Brown Richard Ellis Fifi Hart Sybbie Oliver Barker George Zac Barker George Mark Addy Mr Bakewell Eva Samms Marigold Karina Samms Marigold Harry Hadden-Paton Bertie Hexham Kate Phillips Princess Mary Harry Livingstone Harewood House Nanny James Cartwright Tony Sellick Andrew Havill Lord Lascelles Philippe Spall Monsieur Courbet Richenda Carey Mrs Webb Max Hutchinson Royal Footman Tom Ashley Royal Footman Simon Jones King George V Graeme Smiles Royal Equerry Tuppence Middleton Lucy Smith Darren Strange Detective John Biggins Pub Landlord Perry Fitzpatrick Chris Webster Daniel Millar Policeman David Lonsdale Police Sergeant Matthew Goode Dancer as Zoe Watson Marina Baibara Baroness Valerenay uncredited Tom Bennett Downton Villager uncredited Alan Billingham York Townfolk uncredited Jonathan Cheetham Flirtatious Gay Man uncredited Grant Crookes Police Officer uncredited Adam Darlington Ball Room Guest uncredited Tony Dawson Policeman uncredited Marc Esse Villager uncredited Philip Gascoyne Policeman uncredited Rory Gauld Countess of Harrowby uncredited Alastair King Conductor uncredited Ashley Kirk Footman uncredited Ashley Lloyd Dancer uncredited Adrian Lord Night Club Attendee uncredited Michael Mortimer Turton Attendee uncredited Mark Oldridge Gentleman uncredited Meg Olssen Aristocrat uncredited Nick Owenford However, relatively quickly, the mystery is solved as another of Green's victims comes forward and confesses to his murder.

Problems for Anna, however, continue. After discussing Edith's child, Marigold, at the servants dinner, Bates notices she has become subdued.

Anna reveals to him that she believed she was pregnant, but that morning had realised that she had miscarried their child, and that it wasn't the first time it had happened, but the third.

Distraught in believing that it is impossible for her to carry a child to term, Anna becomes upset, believing she had let Bates down.

He tries to convince her that despite wanting children, she alone is enough for him, which she has trouble accepting. Anna later tells Mary of her troubles.

Mary offers to take Anna to London, paying for her to visit Dr Ryder, the doctor that had treated Mary for problems when she had trouble conceiving a child with Matthew.

Ryder informs Anna that he has identified the problem and that she has a common issue of having cervical incompetence, a condition which results in a baby becoming too heavy for the womb to support after about three months, but also tells her that the condition is easily treatable with cervical cerclage, a stitch inserted into the womb after a woman has been pregnant for about 12 weeks; however, it does not always work.

Anna returns to Downton but chooses not to inform Bates of the news until she becomes pregnant again and the stitch has worked, so as not to get his hopes up.

In episode 3, Mary asks if Anna has considered Dr Ryder's advice. Anna reveals that she's already pregnant again. However, in episode 4 she begins to suffer severe cramps and fears she is suffering another miscarriage.

Mary, claiming the emergency to be for herself, rushes Anna to London to see Ryder and manages to get there in time to save the baby.

When they return, Bates knows that it was she, not Mary that had the medical emergency; however, this time she tells him that the news is happy and that she is in fact pregnant, to which Bates is overjoyed.

Whilst Anna is pregnant, she still fears that as there are months to wait, the baby is still in danger of being lost, despite her husband's insistence that nothing will go wrong.

In episode 6 Anna begins to experience uncomfortable pains again and Bates insists he pay for her to see Ryder again.

However, the pains are nothing to worry about, as it's just her body adjusting to the pregnancy. In episode 7, after the accident at the car racing in Brooklands, Anna rushes after Mary, Bates warns her not to do so "in her condition" and he asks Baxter to go after her.

That leads Baxter to guess that Anna is pregnant. Anna and Bates also continue the plan to sell Bates's mother's London house in order to purchase a house up north and hire it out.

The rest of Anna's pregnancy goes seemingly without a hitch. In "The Finale", the final episode of the series and of the show, Anna is shown to be pregnant and still working as a ladies maid, much to the dislike and discomfort of Carson, who feels a woman in "her condition" should not be working.

Time skips to 29 December , and Anna is shown to be close to giving birth. When Lady Rose returns to Downton, having had a child of her own, and asks when the baby is due, Anna reveals that she is about ten days away from her due date.

Despite the concern of her husband and of Lady Mary, Anna does keep working, although some of her duties are undertaken by other members of staff.

Mary insists that Anna shouldn't return to her and Bates's cottage and instead allows Anna to stay in her room to have her baby.

Anna gives birth to a healthy baby boy on New Year's Eve, much to her and her husband's delight. Mary tells the Bateses that their newborn son is welcome to stay at Downton's nursery during the day, as Anna wants to continue working at Downton, and that soon their son will be joined by a child of her own, as Mary is now pregnant.

During the New Year celebrations, the Bateses welcome the new year away from the others, together with their newborn son.

Erin La Rosa of Buzzfeed stated that the rape was "all pretty uncharacteristic for Downton Abbey , and all terribly upsetting.

Thomas Barrow played by Robert James-Collier is under-butler at Downton Abbey and is a character who creates many conflicts.

Maureen Lee Lenker of Entertainment Weekly described Barrow as one of the series' "most polarizing figures".

He starts his employment there as a junior footman. Thomas tells O'Brien that his father was a clockmaker. He constantly hatches schemes with O'Brien, intending to have Bates removed from service at Downton.

When Bates catches him stealing some wine, Thomas attempts to frame him for the theft. Bates, however, manages to prove his innocence.

Thomas is also gay. In series one, he tries to blackmail his former lover, The Duke of Crowborough. Later, when Kemal Pamuk , an Ottoman diplomat, visits Downton, Thomas is rebuffed when he attempts to kiss him.

Pamuk later uses this incident to blackmail Thomas, threatening to inform Lord Grantham about his indiscretion unless Thomas agrees to guide Pamuk to the room of Lady Mary later that same evening.

Thomas also leads on the kitchen maid, Daisy, partly for his amusement since it annoys the second footman, William Mason, who has feelings for her and for ulterior motives.

He manipulates Daisy in order to further his plans to have Mr. Bates ousted. At the end of series one, William punches Barrow for his cruel remarks regarding Lady Grantham's miscarriage and the death of William's mother.

Shortly beforehand, Thomas signs up to the Royal Army Medical Corps in an effort to avoid being sent to the frontline for the war that is soon coming.

In series two, in the First World War , Thomas has ended up on the battlefield despite his attempts to avoid it, and has become terrified by the conflict.

He purposefully puts his hand in the line of fire in order to gain a blighty wound and be sent home.

Upon his return to Britain, he gets permission to work at Downton as sergeant in charge when the residence is made into a centre of recovery for injured officers.

When the war ends , Thomas tries to make a profit by taking advantage of the nationwide rationing by selling goods on the black market.

This scheme fails, however, when he is sold worthless goods and is rendered penniless. He returns to Downton as first footman although, as always, he plans to move up to a higher position in the house staff.

He hides the Crawley family dog, Isis, whom he hopes to "find" to curry favour with Lord Grantham. However, when he goes to reclaim the dog, he discovers her missing, and in his panic trying to find her in the woods, trips on several fallen branches and becomes muddied.

On returning home, relieved to find that Isis is safe, he learns from Grantham that some children had found and returned the dog, seemingly ruining Thomas' plan.

However, his physical dishevelment deceives Grantham into thinking that Thomas has more concern for the family than Grantham believed, and Grantham later tells Carson that he is willing to give Thomas a try as valet.

In the third series, Thomas and O'Brien's alliance begins to fall apart with the appointment of her nephew Alfred as footman.

When O'Brien seeks to assist Alfred by enlisting Thomas' support, he refuses to help tutor him, irritated that someone else should progress rapidly when he spent years trying to reach his position.

Thomas is then attracted to the handsome new footman, Jimmy, and walks into his room and kisses the sleeping Jimmy. He is caught by Alfred, who walks in on this scene and eventually tells Mr Carson at O'Brien's insistence.

O'Brien then preys on Jimmy's discomfort and embarrassment to have him blackmail Mr Carson into sacking Thomas without a reference, otherwise Jimmy will go to the police.

Mr Bates, to Thomas's surprise, intervenes, by informing Lord Grantham of the details and then offering to force O'Brien to call Jimmy off.

Thomas provides Bates with words that lead her to believe Bates knows of her hand in Lady Grantham's miscarriage, and she quickly backs down.

Although Bates had hoped Thomas would leave with a good reference, Lord Grantham decides to let him stay on so Thomas can lend his skills to the upcoming cricket match between the village and the house.

Thomas excels in the match and a new position is created for him as he is made under-butler, to Mr Bates's consternation.

When they win, Barrow follows Jimmy who, having won a large bet, has too much to drink. Barrow finds Jimmy just as he is cornered by two members of the opposing team, and puts himself in the way so Jimmy can avoid being beaten and mugged.

Barrow is badly beaten instead. While he is recuperating, Jimmy comes to speak with him. Barrow accepts that Jimmy can never give him what he wants, so they instead agree to be friends.

He comes to dislike the new nanny for the two young children of Downton, and refuses to pass on her instructions to other members of staff.

He informs Lady Grantham that he suspects the new nanny may be mistreating the children in some way. This suspicion leads to Lady Grantham's discovering the nanny's cruelty to Sybbie Branson, resulting in her immediate sacking.

Barrow then attempts to gain an ally in the form of Lady Grantham's new maid Edna, a maid fired from Downton following her attempt to seduce Tom Branson, by claiming that Edna's accidental damage to one of Lady Grantham's favourite garments was in fact due to Anna Bates.

However, this alliance does not last very long, as Edna is fired after she successfully seduces Tom Branson but is foiled in her effort to blackmail him into marrying her.

She insults Barrow's arrogance and manner, though he responds in kind, and she leaves Downton once again. When Barrow is set to be laid off, he attempts to find suitable employment and fails.

He attempts suicide but is rescued by his friends. He eventually takes a position in a smaller household, but when Carson develops an illness, Barrow comes back to Downton to become the new butler.

Lenker states that the character is initially "a solid villain" but develops and "he gradually became one of the most beloved members of the Crawley family staff".

Thomas was originally meant to be written out of the show at the end of the first series once he had had his "comeuppance".

However, after James-Collier had filmed the first two episodes of the show the producers contacted his agent and asked if he would like to be optioned for the second and third series.

She is especially bitter and resentful towards most of the other servants, perhaps due to her family circumstances; the animosity is common knowledge, even for the Crawleys.

She had one favourite brother who had shell shock and later died during the Great War. She uses her position to curry favour with Lady Grantham to consolidate her influence, although her actions usually benefit them both.

Although scheming in nature and always looking to manipulate circumstances to her and Thomas's benefit, she has a conscience and softens up over the second series.

She is one of the few servants who smoke on a regular basis. This is at a time when most women did not smoke and it was very rare for a woman to be seen smoking in public.

O'Brien and Thomas were the only servants who never did like Bates and the duo constantly try to find faults and uncover his past in an attempt to force Mr Carson to sack him.

She tells Bates's vengeful estranged wife Vera about the family's dirty secrets in an attempt to force Bates out and Vera uses that to blackmail Bates.

In the last episode of series one, O'Brien comes to believe that Cora is going to replace her. Out of spite, she leaves a bar of soap on the bathroom floor while Cora is taking a bath.

When Cora gets out, she slips on the soap, causing her to miscarry. O'Brien is wracked with guilt, and following the incident she becomes even more loyal and devoted to Cora.

When Thomas decides to buy extra food and supplies on the black market to sell to Downton's kitchen staff, she refuses to get involved in his business, but she sympathises with Thomas after he realises he has been swindled.

After Lady Grantham is struck by a severe case of Spanish flu, O'Brien maintains a bedside vigil, attempting to atone for the miscarriage.

Towards the end of the second series she becomes guilt-ridden when she finds out her meddling in Bates's private life has started a chain reaction which led to Vera's threatening to expose the family secrets and bring the Crawley family into disrepute.

O'Brien is one of several servants asked to testify at Bates's trial and is genuinely relieved when they learn that Bates had been reprieved.

She also has a nephew, Alfred Nugent, who later becomes a footman at Downton. When it is revealed the new valet, Henry Lang, had shell shock , she was uncharacteristically sympathetic towards him and it was revealed that her own brother suffered from it due to the War.

While there, she apparently comes to like Lady Flintshire, and manages to arrange to become her lady's maid. She leaves Downton at the very beginning of the fourth series in the middle of the night to take her new position, leaving only a letter to explain her actions.

They love to dislike her. Alexander Chee of The New Republic described O'Brien as the show's "best, most complex villain" and stated that her departure made the show less interesting.

Executive producer Gareth Neame stated that Finneran had chosen to leave the series. Timid by nature, other characters frequently take advantage of her naivete or pull rank by tricking her or handing her the more undesirable and menial tasks.

She is one of eleven children and her parents are deceased. In the first series, she is shown to have feelings for first footman Thomas, something that Mrs Patmore tries to discourage as she can see that Thomas is "not a ladies' man".

After being caught stealing a bottle of wine, Thomas takes advantage of her feelings for him to persuade her to tell Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes that she saw Mr Bates take the wine.

She later retracts the statement as she feels guilty and over time, her feelings for Thomas diminish and she notices that Downton's other footman, William, likes her.

She is unsure how to handle the situation, especially when he enlists during the First World War and convinces himself that she is his sweetheart.

She decides, with some encouragement from Mrs Patmore, to allow William his fantasy to boost his morale in battle and gives him a photo.

After William is severely injured saving Matthew Crawley during the Battle of Amiens , Daisy agrees to marry him to give him some happiness in his life but is widowed six hours later.

She resists claiming her widow's pension as she thinks it wrong to claim money for marrying a man that she liked but would have not married under normal circumstances.

William's father reaches out to her and Daisy tries to tell him about her guilt but he refuses to listen. The older Mr Mason later explains to Daisy that William was his only surviving child and he had realised that William married Daisy not just because he cared for her but so his father would have someone to keep company.

Upon learning that her parents are dead, he offers to take her under his wing as a surrogate daughter, which she accepts, though reluctantly at the outset.

Eventually she does grow close to him and learns he wishes to name her his sole heir. Daisy has a close relationship with Mrs Patmore, the cook, which is frequently more mother-daughter than two servants working together.

At other times, Mrs Patmore becomes flustered and takes her frustration out on Daisy. She is also entrusted with teaching Lady Sybil how to cook, something which the pair enjoy.

In , she asks Mrs Patmore if, after many years in service, she can be promoted from kitchen maid to assistant cook and Mrs Patmore agrees to ask Mrs Hughes if the budget can support a promotion for Daisy.

In the third series, she grows to like Alfred but resents Ivy, the new kitchen maid, who steals Alfred's attention.

By series 4 the love triangle is getting nowhere, until Alfred decides to leave after catching Ivy kissing Jimmy.

Daisy is devastated and blames Ivy. She decides to avoid seeing him when he comes to say final goodbyes, but her father-in-law, whom she goes to see, convinces her she must say goodbye to him.

When she does, Alfred apologises to her, regretting being blinded by his infatuation for Ivy and failing to see how good and true Daisy had been to him.

Daisy admits she loved Alfred, but that is gone and they need to go their separate ways. They agree to be friends forever. In Harold Levinson apparently takes a liking to Daisy's cooking, and his valet Ethan Slade offers Daisy a position so she can come to America and work for him.

She declines. In series six, she gets irate when her father in-law loses his tenancy on a nearby estate. For her explosion of anger, she almost loses her job, but Cora, who understands her frustration and anger, talks Carson into letting her stay.

She works unstintingly and unflaggingly to remedy what happened. Her efforts are rewarded when her father in-law is offered the tenancy of Yew Tree Farm, located in the Downton estate.

At first, she is afraid of losing both Mrs. Patmore and her father in-law, when they begin to see one another, however, after reassurance from both of them that they will always love her, she changes her mind.

In the final episode, she falls for Andy Parker, the new footman who becomes a new farmhand at Mr. Mason's farm. Beryl Patmore played by Lesley Nicol is the cook at Downton.

Mrs Patmore is in charge of the kitchen and kitchen staff. She takes great pride in her cooking and is a perfectionist in the kitchen. When the food does not meet her exacting standards, she takes her frustration out on the maids, especially Daisy.

Throughout the first series she is often seen bossing around and shouting at Daisy while working but cares for her like a daughter and often offers her advice.

She also seems to have protective feelings towards Daisy when she suspects that some of the other staff such as Thomas or Miss O'Brien are trying to make a fool or take advantage of her.

Occasionally her caring attitude may become even counterproductive, as when she advises that Daisy should not sacrifice that much of her spare time to try to self-educate herself, as she sees that hopes for that kind of lifestyle which would justify such efforts are set too high considering Daisy's chances to move in the social hierarchy of that era.

Mrs Patmore tries to hide her deteriorating eyesight but Lord Grantham decides to send her to Moorfields in London for treatment when she accidentally puts salt on the pudding instead of sugar.

This eyesight problem is declared to be cataracts , the surgery for which is new and daunting to Mrs Patmore, but the operation is successful and she regains the full use of her eyesight.

During the Great War she learns that her nephew Archibald "Archie" Philpotts deserted and was shot for cowardice at the front.

Hence, she becomes sensitive and upset when confronted with the topic of war. She receives some money from a deceased family member, purchases a cottage in the nearby community of Haughton-le-Skerne and opens a Bed and Breakfast, hiring her niece, Lucy to help her.

At first, it is considered to be a "house of ill repute" but with the aid of her employers, they have their tea there and that image is dispelled once and for all.

She also begins to see Albert Mason, Daisy's father in law, and between the two of them, help Daisy to realize that no matter what happens with them, they will always be there for Daisy, and that they love her very much.

This helps Daisy drop any objections she has about their pairing. William Mason played by Thomas Howes d. His father was a local farmer and William used to help with the horses.

William had three brothers and a sister but all died at or shortly after birth, leaving him as the only child. His mother died of illness towards the end of the first series.

Affable and good-natured, he was also a competent pianist actor Thomas Howes is a pianist and would entertain other servants during their free time.

During the first series he had strong feelings for Daisy. In the second series, William wanted to enlist in the Army but was forbidden by his father, as he was the only other surviving member of the family.

The Dowager Countess learns of his situation and tells the doctor that William had an embarrassing skin condition in order to keep him from being drafted.

He was further humiliated after being handed a white feather at a benefit concert held in the Crawley mansion.

After being informed that this story was untrue by Isobel Crawley, the doctor corrected the report to the War Department, and William is drafted shortly thereafter.

William asked Daisy if she would give him a photo that he could carry with him. Daisy was worried about being William's sweetheart but Mrs Patmore urged her not to send him to the front with a broken heart, saying that if she refused, he would never return.

Fearing for his safety, Lord Grantham had him assigned to Matthew Crawley's battalion to be his batman. During the Battle of Amiens , he threw himself in front of Matthew to shield him from a shell explosion and both men were seriously wounded.

He was hospitalised in Leeds as Downton, then used as a convalescent home, was only for officers, but William's father could not afford to leave his farm or repeatedly travel to and fro to visit.

After failing to persuade Dr Clarkson to "bend the rules", a furious Violet manages to pull some strings to have William sent back to Downton, where he was cared for by Lady Edith.

After being told he would not make it, William proposes to Daisy and tells her that he wants to marry her, not just out of love, but also to secure her a widow's pension so that she would be taken care of.

Violet convinces the local parish vicar to officiate the bedside wedding ceremony and attends along with Lady Edith and the entire staff present.

He dies hours later. His aunt is Sarah O'Brien, who brings him forward as a candidate for the empty post based on his previous experience as a waiter at a hotel.

He is extremely tall, which Carson comments is almost too much, even though height is a desirable aspect for a footman. Almost immediately, Daisy Mason falls head-over-heels in love with Alfred, but is impeded by the new kitchen maid, Ivy Stuart, who Alfred is quick to develop a crush on.

He often helps Ivy when she fumbles in the kitchen with his culinary skills, much to Daisy's ire. Alfred's largest rival is fellow footman Jimmy Kent, who is shorter than Alfred, but quite handsome.

They are both in competition for the top position of first footman, which Jimmy is constantly sabotaging Alfred for.

But because Ivy has a crush on Jimmy, Alfred decides to confront Jimmy about the fact that he's not interested in her.

When he pushes into Jimmy's room, he catches Thomas Barrow in the act of trying to kiss Jimmy. Horrified, Alfred is pressured by his aunt, O'Brien, to report the incident to Carson, as homosexuality is considered a crime at this time.

Poor Alfred is used as a pawn in his aunt's scheming, which eventually comes to nothing. In the Series Three Christmas Special, he tries to call Jimmy off his aggressive streak towards Thomas, and then spends the rest of the episode talking about his interest in cooking.

Also in Series Four, Alfred is still caught up in the downstairs "love square". He is in love with Ivy, who is in love with Jimmy, while Daisy is in love with Alfred and determined to break them up.

It takes Alfred too long to realize that Daisy was the better match, and only tries to approach her when he comes back to the Abbey after leaving for his cooking course.

Daisy initially tried to avoid seeing Alfred at all, but eventually speaks to him and wishes him well as a friend. In the Christmas Special, she receives a letter from Alfred, implying that they keep in touch.

Before the war, he worked for Lady Anstruther and was her favorite footman. He first appears onscreen after Lord Grantham has given Carson permission to hire another footman in addition to Alfred Nugent.

Turning up in the servants' hall unannounced, his good looks and charm quickly impress a number of the maids—as well as Thomas Barrow, currently valet to Lord Grantham.

Thomas is quickly drawn to Jimmy, whose flirty and vague behavior leads him to believe that Jimmy might be interested in sharing a homosexual relationship.

Sarah O'Brien, who is angry with Thomas for the way he has treated her nephew, Alfred, quickly latches on to this dynamic and uses it to her own ends.

Through careful manipulation of both Thomas and Jimmy, O'Brien crafts a situation in which Thomas is caught publicly making a move on Jimmy, who reacts in fear and anger, as homosexuality was still illegal in the s.

At the end of Series Three, Jimmy is promoted to first footman, but he holds a grudge against Thomas into the Christmas Special. At that time, it's implicated that Jimmy has kept up appearances by teasing Thomas and giving him a very clear cold shoulder that even Alfred notices is extreme.

Alfred also notes that Thomas always defends Jimmy no matter how unkindly Jimmy behaves, and suggests that perhaps he take it easy.

Jimmy ignores this advice and continues to behave recklessly, winning a large bet at the village fair only to spend most of it on alcohol.

The toughs who lost the bet follow drunk Jimmy underneath a quiet bridge and jump him. Jimmy is only rescued by Thomas, who had been following him to keep an eye out.

Thomas tells Jimmy to run, while Thomas is left to take the beating in Jimmy's place. When Jimmy returns with Dr.

Clarkson and the other fair-goers, they find Thomas beaten and bloody. Thomas does not admit to the others why he was attacked, and only sends a significant stare to Jimmy, who is guilt-stricken with the truth.

Later, he confronts Thomas about what happened, and though he is hesitant, eventually agrees to be friends. After that, the two of them are often seen in one another's company.

Their increased companionship is suggested by showing Jimmy often with a cigarette. In Series Four, Jimmy is something of an antagonist, stirring the pot for amusement and to get at Alfred, his professional rival.

Because Alfred quickly becomes enamored with the new kitchen maid, Ivy Stuart, Jimmy also takes an interest.

Daisy Mason, who is interested in Alfred, repeatedly tries to sabotage Ivy, Jimmy and Alfred in hopes that Alfred will realize that Ivy is no good for him.

In the end, Alfred realizes too late that he was chasing the wrong girl, while Ivy comes to a similar realization about Jimmy, who was clearly out for sport.

He crosses the final line when he takes Ivy out and gets a bit too familiar with her. Angry, she casts Jimmy off, and Jimmy laments to Thomas that the whole venture was a waste of time and money.

At the end, he is seen playing football on the beach, while Thomas watches from a nearby chair. By the time Series Five begins, Thomas and Jimmy have grown much closer in their friendship, though it is clear Thomas is still in love with him.

When the Valentine he sent to his former employer, Lady Anstruther as a joke, comes back to bite him. Lady Anstruther, returned from France, orchestrates a plan to turn up at Downton Abbey in pursuit of Jimmy.

Through a series of notes and letters, all of which Jimmy desperately begs Thomas for advice on, the audience learns that Jimmy's former position with Lady Anstruther included a sexual aspect.

Eventually, Jimmy decides that the only thing to do is to satisfy her and hope it'll get her out of his hair.

Thomas escorts Jimmy to the guest corridor upstairs and plans to watch the door while Jimmy goes through with it.

They share a moment in which Jimmy exhibits some doubt about the plan, wondering if perhaps Lady Anstruther just wants to talk.

Thomas watches forlornly as Jimmy enters Lady Anstruther's room, silently wishing Jimmy was coming to him instead.

Unluckily, while the tryst is occurring, Lady Edith accidentally starts a fire in a nearby bedroom, which pulls Thomas away from his post.

Lord Grantham sends Thomas after Lady Edith, and Thomas can only watch in horror, unable to protect Jimmy this one last time.

Lord Grantham bursts into Lady Anstruther's room, discovers her with Jimmy, and then decides after the fire that Jimmy should be sacked.

Thomas and Jimmy share a heartfelt goodbye in which Jimmy tearfully tells Thomas that though he never thought he'd get on with a man like him, they truly had been great friends.

Thomas tries to remain calm, quietly asking if Jimmy might try writing. Jimmy says he would try, though he's not very good at it, and then leaves the estate a broken man.

Thomas later tells Anna Bates that he's upset because he wasn't special to Jimmy, which Anna very adamantly disagrees with. He also later mentions Jimmy to Phyllis Baxter in a bout of sadness and annoyance that he's gone.

Jimmy's whereabouts post-Downton are never revealed. Jimmy is mentioned by Thomas during the Series Five Text Santa short while the servants are playing strip poker.

Ethel Parks played by Amy Nuttall was the new maid introduced in the second series as Gwen's replacement. Outspoken, Ethel does not like being told what to do by anyone, which often has her in conflict with Anna or Mrs Hughes.

She says that she does not want to be in service for the rest of her life and often complains about her surroundings.

She begins an affair with Major Charles Bryant played by Daniel Pirrie when he is being treated at Downton while it is a temporary convalescent home.

Mrs Hughes dismisses her after discovering the two of them in bed together, but Ethel shortly returns having nowhere else to go when she finds out she is pregnant with his child.

She names her son Charlie after his father, before moving away from Downton to start a new life. She is replaced in her position by Jane, a war widow.

In the Great War , Ethel has trouble supporting herself and her son and Mrs Hughes helps her, acting as her friend and bringing her food.

Ethel tells Mrs Hughes that her neighbours think she is a war widow but admits that Major Bryant refuses to acknowledge that he is Charlie's father, despite Ethel and Mrs Hughes's best efforts to get him to admit paternity.

However, he is killed during the Battle of Vittorio Veneto. Ethel bursts into the meeting with her son, proclaiming that Charlie is their grandchild, but Mr Bryant accuses Ethel of only being after their money and insists that his son was a good man.

He also insists that Ethel cannot prove that Charlie is Major Bryant's child. Eventually, his wife persuades him to accept the child as his grandson, and Mr Bryant offers to adopt Charlie.

Ethel, however, would not allowed contact, learning that Charlie will be told that his father died during the war and his mother died of Spanish flu.

They insist that they can give Charlie a far better future than Ethel ever could. Horrified by Major Bryant's refusal to acknowledge Charlie and his father's bullying, Ethel refuses the offer.

In the third series, Ethel returns, having entered into a life of prostitution. Considering Charlie's future, she gives him to Mr and Mrs Bryant.

After Ethel attracts considerable gossip, the Dowager Countess intervenes, having Lady Edith place an advertisement for Ethel, so she may find a position elsewhere and have a fresh start.

Despite misgivings, Mrs Crawley agrees with the plan, although Ethel seems unwilling to accept any position aside from one close to Charlie's new home.

In response to this, the Dowager Countess decides to ask Mrs Bryant in person if Ethel could have contact with Charlie. Mrs Bryant, who had been unhappy abandoning Ethel from the start, agrees and Ethel leaves Mrs Crawley's employment.

With Matthew off at war and Mrs Crawley working with the Red Cross in France he and Mrs Bird, the family cook, find themselves in an empty house with no one to serve.

A loyal servant, he volunteers his service at the earl's mansion. He has feelings for Anna, but they are unrequited and she later marries Mr Bates.

After the war ends he covers for Carson when he falls ill with Spanish influenza , only to accidentally become drunk while tasting the wine for dinner.

He returns to Crawley House immediately upon Mr Carson's recovery, though he goes to the great house with Matthew Crawley to be his full-time valet after his marriage to Lady Mary.

After Matthew dies in a car accident Molesley loses his job, moves in with his father and struggles to find work as a servant, forced to be a road construction worker and delivery boy.

With the possibility of Alfred leaving to pursue his dreams of being a chef, Mr Carson offers Molesley a job as second footman if Alfred leaves.

Molesley is not happy with the prospect, thinking it degrading to become a footman when he has been trained as a valet and butler.

In the end, when Alfred does leave, Molesley seeks the job but Carson refuses, citing his great reluctance.

Even so, the family still call him by his last name. He finds himself mutually attracted to Lady Grantham's new maid, Baxter. By the end of the series, Molesley finds work as a schoolteacher.

Baxter is hired on Barrow's recommendation, and Cora is pleased with Baxter. However, it becomes clear that Barrow knows a secret about her, which he uses to his advantage to make her spy on the servants and family, something Baxter is very uncomfortable with.

While Barrow is away in America with Lord Grantham as John Bates asked to be excused from the trip to remain with his wife , Baxter grows closer to Joseph Molesley, who treats her with respect.

He continues to do so after Barrow returns, telling her that he does not care to know what Barrow has over her, but urges her to stand up to him and not let him make her do things she does not wish to do.

She, in turn thanks him, describing him as strong and lucky — neither of which he considered himself to be.

Eventually, after Barrow threatens to reveal her secret to Lady Grantham, Baxter is encouraged by Molesley to do so first.

She reveals that she had stolen jewelry from a previous employer who treated her nicely, and she went to prison but was released early for good behaviour.

Cora is surprised but confused. Baxter is not telling the whole story, something Molesley is convinced of when he hears the same story from Barrow.

He believes she must have been lured into doing it, because it is not in her nature. Baxter later tells Cora the rest of the story: she was tricked into stealing the jewelry by another servant who made her think he loved her, but he ran and left her to take the blame.

While Baxter expected to be fired, Cora forgives her and lets her stay on, with the condition that she won't rob her.

Mrs Hughes also learns the truth but says no more when she learns that Cora knows. When Barrow begins treating himself to cure his homosexuality and is suffering, Baxter convinces him to see Dr Clarkson, after which Barrow treats her with more respect.

At Brancaster Castle, she helps him embarrass Lord Sinderby's butler at Mary's behest because the butler was being rude to Tom , and helps Molesley find evidence exonerating Bates of the murder of Mr Green.

She is the daughter of a farm-hand. Ambitious, she decides that she no longer wants to work in service and saves up her money to buy a typewriter to take a correspondence course in typing and shorthand.

When her typewriter is discovered by Miss O'Brien, she informs the whole staff and Gwen's plan to leave service to become a secretary is the cause of much discussion above and below stairs.

Lady Sybil quickly befriends Gwen and tries to help her get a job as a secretary. In August they are successful and Gwen wins a position at a telephone firm.

She does not return in the second series and is replaced by Ethel. In series four, the staff at Downton Abbey receive a letter from Gwen where she tells them she is married.

In Series 6, Gwen returns, eleven years later, to Downton as a successful married woman, although she visits the mansion only in the fourth episode.

Some of the family do not recognize her at first, but when they do they are surprised at her elevated status. Gwen endears herself to the family by recalling the everlasting selflessness and generosity of the late Lady Sybil.

Before , she lived in Manchester with the Crawleys as their cook, but when they moved, she went with them.

In the first series, she is asked to stand-in for Mrs Patmore as cook at the Abbey while she is away having an eye operation. When Mrs Patmore returns, they run the Garden Party for the hospital fund together.

During the Great War, she opened a soup kitchen at Crawley House, in secret, and was helped by Mrs Patmore and Daisy to run it from the money given by the government for the hospital.

This all occurs when Matthew and his mother were away in France, in the trenches and field hospitals respectively.

In the third series, Isobel wants to hire Ethel to work alongside Mrs Bird. When Mrs Bird refuses to work with a former prostitute, she chooses to leave.

He is a recent war veteran and suffers from severe Combat Stress Reaction CSR, or shell shock that causes him to be very nervous and somewhat disconnected to his surroundings.

On one notable occasion he wakes the staff in the middle of the night by horrifically screaming during a nightmare. O'Brien, whose brother suffered from shell shock and eventually died in combat, is uncharacteristically sympathetic and kind to him.

He later leaves Downton as he feels he is unfit for service. She is a widow as her husband died during the First World War.

From the start it is clear that Lord Grantham finds Jane attractive and he takes a great interest in the education of her twelve-year-old son, Freddie.

At one point Grantham kisses Jane, but they are interrupted by an oblivious Mr Bates and they decide not to have an affair.

Shortly after this, of her free will, Jane leaves service at Downton. Lord Grantham insists on using his influence to get Freddie into Ripon Grammar School and to pay the fees in the future.

Andrew "Andy" Parker played by Michael C. Fox is a footman who starts working at Downton Abbey in When he was at school he fooled around and never learned how to read or how to write anything but his own name.

He formerly worked as a hall boy, but wants to become a footman. The Dowager Countness's Lady's Maid Gladys Denker takes advantage of him to go out drinking, but Thomas Barrow comes to his rescue, teaching Denker a lesson in the process.

Mr Carson overhears the news of Lord Grantham's della Francesca painting selling "amazingly well" and takes advantage of this news to hire a new footman at Downton Abbey.

Thomas Barrow asks Mr Carson to hire Andrew for the job. Carson had expressed his concerns about Andrew's suitability to fill the new footman's post because of the gambling club incident , but head housekeeper Mrs Hughes, Mr Barrow, and Daisy Mason urge him to give Andrew a second chance.

Andrew serves drinks before a fox hunt. During an informal ball in the servant's hall, he dances with Daisy.

He volunteers to help Mr Mason take care of Downton's pigs and shows an interest in farming. Mr Mason gave some books to Andy, and he reveals to Thomas that he can write no more than his own name; Thomas offers to teach him to read and write.

Andy later apologises to Thomas about his treatment towards him. In series 6 and the Christmas Special, Andy and Daisy share some special moments with each other, and it looks as if they might live at Yew Tree farm with Mr Mason and possibly get married.

Evelyn Napier played by Brendan Patricks is the son and heir of Viscount Branksome and a suitor for Lady Mary, but later becomes engaged to "one of the Semphill girls".

This engagement is broken off and during the war he is injured. He returns to Downton in , clearly still interested in the recently widowed Mary.

He is accompanied by his boss Charles Blake as they are working on a government project studying estates and their progress. The Duke of Crowborough played by Charlie Cox was one of many potential suitors for Lady Mary, but he was seeking a wealthy wife to cure his financial problems.

He is a past lover of Thomas, at the time first footman, but this affair ends in autumn , after the duke visits Downton under the pretext of courting Mary, then tricks her into leading him into the servants' quarters, where he retrieves a packet of love letters to prevent Thomas from blackmailing him over the affair.

He is never referred to by name on the show, but the published scripts reveal his first name to be Philip.

His last name remains unknown. Patrick Gordon played by Trevor White is a major in the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry who made a request to stay at the convalescent home at Downton Abbey because he claims he is related to the Crawley family.

Major Gordon then claims to be Patrick Crawley, the first cousin once removed of the Earl who perished with his father James Crawley in the sinking of the Titanic neither of their bodies were recovered.

Gordon says he was rescued from the freezing ocean by Fifth Officer Harold Lowe but developed amnesia and was sent to Montreal after being mistaken for a Canadian.

He took his new surname from a bottle of gin. It is impossible to recognise Major Gordon as Patrick Crawley because his face was severely burned during the Battle of Passchendaele.

Gordon convinces Lady Edith by relating experiences in Downton. For example, he recalls that he and the sisters disliked their governess , which Edith identifies specifically as Fräulein Kelder.

Gordon decides to leave, rather than commit to his claim, after learning the earl's agents will be investigating Peter Gordon's history after his emigration to Canada.

It is suggested by the earl's solicitor, George Murray, that Major Gordon might actually be Peter Gordon, who worked with the real Patrick Crawley at the Foreign Office , which would explain how he knew some of the private details of the Earl's family.

She is the daughter of London solicitor Reggie Swire, to whom she has been very close ever since her mother's death during her early childhood.

In , she brings private papers of her uncle Jonathan Swire, a Liberal minister, to Sir Richard Carlisle since Sir Richard plans to financially ruin her father.

The papers Lavinia stole inadvertently helped create the Marconi scandal. She first meets Matthew when he is back in England on leave from the Army and they later become engaged.

When Matthew returns from the First World War injured she refuses to leave him despite being told that he will never walk again and is impotent.

Lavinia dies at Downton of Spanish influenza after Matthew regains use of his legs and shortly before their wedding. Just before her death she confesses to Matthew that she had seen the kiss between him and Mary and tells him that her death is the best for all of them.

Her father dies shortly after and Matthew honours his deathbed wish for his ashes to be placed in Lavinia's grave. Matthew is left a considerable sum by Mr Swire, and Matthew is initially consumed with guilt and refuses to accept it.

Matthew eventually relents and uses the money to save Downton Abbey from bankruptcy following Lord Grantham's having lost his wife's fortune through bad investments.

The brusque, domineering and nouveau riche Carlisle is a self-made, extremely wealthy newspaper magnate from Edinburgh whose paper, with the help of Lavinia Swire, was instrumental in breaking the Marconi scandal story.

It is to Carlisle, as a man of influence, that Lady Mary turns to when she concludes that marrying Matthew is not an option.

However, Violet and the family remain suspicious of him as he is "new money" and is described by Lord Grantham as "a hawker of newspaper scandal".

He also helps cover up the scandal that the murder trial of Downton valet Bates would cause. In the second series Christmas episode, it is apparent that Carlisle's pragmatism does not sit well with the Crawleys and he and Mary begin to argue more frequently, much to the consternation of Matthew and her grandmother.

Eventually Mary breaks off the engagement to him after the pair argue with increased frequency, and after Lord Grantham discovers the truth from Lady Grantham and advises Mary not to be unhappy with someone she does not love.

Carlisle leaves the morning before the Servants' Ball, but not before revealing that he did genuinely love her. It is not known whether he went ahead and published the story.

Ultimately, his actions do not matter, as she confesses to Matthew about Pamuk and Matthew proposes to her despite this.

Vera Bates played by Maria Doyle Kennedy d. Having known each other since childhood, they marry young and had a very unhappy marriage.

Using her husband's name, she obtains a service post in the household of the Marquess of Flintshire since the Marchioness of Flintshire is the Earl of Grantham's cousin.

When Vera learns that her husband has a larger than expected inheritance after his mother's death, she arrives at Downton Abbey.

She asks for large amounts of money, refusing a divorce so he cannot marry fellow servant Anna, and blackmails him, threatening to expose Lady Mary's secret.

She also wants her husband back since she has tried living on her own and does not like it. Bates returns to London with her to live in his mother's home but soon separates after learning that she has been unfaithful to him.

Eventually he returns to his post as Robert's valet, and he and Anna rekindle their romance. O'Brien, always against Bates, writes to Vera to tell her where he is and about his and Anna's blossoming romance.

Irate, she goes to Sir Richard Carlisle and sells him the story of Lady Mary, unaware that Sir Richard is engaged to Lady Mary and has no intention of publishing the story.

Furious over this, she tells the judge in her divorce case that Bates paid her off to consent to it. The judge voids the divorce decree, with the result that Vera and John are still legally married.

Mr Bates goes to London to confront her and returns to Downton with a large scratch on his face, telling Anna that their meeting went terribly.

The next day, Vera is found dead from ingestion of rat poison. The police are convinced that Bates murdered her and he is convicted and sentenced to death, before the sentence is commuted to life in prison.

While John is in prison, Anna is able to track down a neighbour of Vera's who saw her on the day of her death. She tells Anna that she remembers Vera had dried food under her fingernails, meaning that Vera made the pie herself knowing that her husband would be implicated for murder.

The neighbour also stated that she had seen Vera walking down the street when the gas lights had come on she said they made a sort of "halo" around Vera's head , which would have been when Bates was already on his way back home.

Bates is then released from prison due to the neighbour's statement. In , Mason's wife dies of a heart attack leaving him on his own on their farm.

Mr Mason becomes father-in-law to Daisy when she marries his son on his deathbed. After William's death in , Mr Mason sometimes calls at Downton to speak to Daisy, believing that she loved William as much as he did.

Although Daisy finds this awkward at first, after he tells Daisy that William thought she was special and that his father would have no children left after his own death, their relationship changes and becomes akin to that of father and daughter.

In , he expresses his wish to name Daisy his sole heir, and asks her to come live at the farm so he may teach her how to run it.

When Daisy visits him again in , she is trying to avoid Alfred, who is saying his final goodbyes at the house.

But Mr Mason insists to Daisy she has to say goodbye to him properly, and offers to help her find the right words to say.

In the final series, after losing his tenancy at a neighboring estate, he is offered the tenancy of Yew Tree Farm in Downton, thanks to the unflagging efforts of Daisy.

He would take on Andy Parker as a farmhand, and at series end, would be pleased when Daisy would finally move to Yew Tree Farm with him at long last.

He would also gain the companionship of Mrs. With them together, it was clear that Daisy would have her "family" she would drop any objections she had about her father in-law and her superior at Downton Abbey being together.

When Elsie turns his proposal down he later married Ivy died and had one son Peter, who joined the army. He meets Mrs Hughes at a fair in Downton after the death of Ivy and asked her a second time to marry him, giving her a parting gift of a small doll.

Later, however, he is turned down as Mrs Hughes does not wish to leave Downton, but the two part on good terms.

He visits Downton Abbey in as part of a tour of England to drum up support for the war effort. During a dinner in his honour, Branson, the Irish nationalist and socialist chauffeur, attempts to avenge himself on the Army by pouring a soup tureen of slop over the general, but he is stopped in time by Carson the butler who after reading Branson's apology note to Lady Sybil, found by Anna, thought Branson meant to assassinate the general.

Sir Herbert leaves Downton the next morning with no knowledge of the incident. Richard Clarkson played by David Robb is the Crawley family doctor.

During the second series, he becomes an army surgeon after the outbreak of the Great War, and as a major becomes the military commander at Downton when the house becomes a convalescent hospital.

When Matthew is injured, he thinks his spine may have been broken, but is proven wrong when Matthew walks again he was just suffering from spinal shock , which didn't permanently disable his legs.

In the third series, when Lady Sybil goes into labour, he sees signs that she is suffering from eclampsia and is in danger of dying from the intense seizures and distress.

However, because of his misdiagnosis of Matthew, Robert hires a well-known doctor who strongly disagrees with Clarkson.

At first Sybil seems fine after the birth, but late in the night is found having fits and dies.

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