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Mit ihren sexy Kurven war Claudia Schmutzler alias Jacqueline Struutz in "Go Trabi Go" ein echter Hingucker. Mehr als 25 Jahre ist das nun. In Rom wird Udo der geliehene Fotoapparat („Opas neuer Japaner“) gestohlen, woraufhin Rita und Jacqueline die Verfolgung des Diebes aufnehmen. Mit Erfolg​. Bundesweit bekannt wurde Schmutzler in der Rolle der Jacqueline Struutz in Go Trabi Go () und Go Trabi Go 2 – Das war der wilde Osten () an der. Go Trabi Go war meine ersten Fahrt in die Welt. Rom hat mich Sie waren ja gar nicht 16 wie Jacqueline, sondern 22 Schmutzler: „Das war. Und Tochter Jaqueline entdeckt am Golf von Neapel ihre poetische Ader. Auch Trabi Schorsch lernt auf dieser Reise, dass man sich nur treu.

go trabi go jacqueline

Bundesweit bekannt wurde Schmutzler in der Rolle der Jacqueline Struutz in Go Trabi Go () und Go Trabi Go 2 – Das war der wilde Osten () an der. Go Trabi Go war meine ersten Fahrt in die Welt. Rom hat mich Sie waren ja gar nicht 16 wie Jacqueline, sondern 22 Schmutzler: „Das war. Hoffnung schöpfen Lehrer Udo, seine Frau Rita und Tochter Jacqueline durch die überraschende Erbschaft einer Fabrik in der Nähe von.

Let's check the battery. A bit of water Turn the monkey music off! Don't wake him. Who are these guys? There's a party. Want to come along?

Not like this. Throw something over the top. My things are in the car. And Papa needs his sleep. Jump into this top.

Over the top Step in here. How long will they keep this up? Is this a marshalling yard? Hang on, Jackie. I'm moving forward a bit.

What's going on? Papa's going to look for a quieter place. You'll be asleep again in two minutes. What's the matter with you? Maybe something bit him.

You've no reason to snigger They must have been experts. Stop it. Stop it now! What great parents I have! You've finally got rid of me.

But my tyres won't. How could you do that? Your own daughter. It hurts me too. Have a nice trip home to Bitterfeld.

How can you let four wheels be stolen from under your nose? You can have those guys if you want. Come on, Jackie. Shape up. Mama will travel on the luggage rack and you'll be on the jump seat next to Papa.

Silly girl. Where else? Lake Garda. September 12th, Here I am really in a new country. The doors have no locks.

The innkeeper assures me that I would not have to worry even if all my belongings were made of diamonds. Ante portas!

Tonight we camp outside the Eternal City. We'll drive into Rome, where it's all happening. The Porta del Popolo.

That's how he entered Rome. Via del Corso. That's where Goethe stayed. Numero venti. Look, the Spanish Steps.

We'll come here tomorrow at 11 a. Go on, take a photo. Of what? Where are you going? You scoundrel! Everything's okay, Mum.

Everything's under control. Look at all this dough! Come on, Mum. Where's Papa? That's not a bank. The cops won't give you a fair deal.

Hey, you! I only wanted to hand it in. That guy ruined your blouse. Let him pay for a new one. You're still in shock.

We should spend the dough. What shall I do with the rest? Let's have a shower first. A shower? But I wonder where Papa is. Papa has Georgie, like a tortoise has its shell.

If we don't see him today we'll meet him for breakfast at the Spanish Steps. Signor, where's the Spanish square with the steps? I think I'll find it.

Sure I will. First class. Go on, pinch me. It's 7. If only Papa could be here. The bed would collapse. What's going on here?

How do I get to Via del Corto? It's only licensed to carry four. What are you doing, girls? Now, one after the other.

Turn that music off! Let's have him for dessert. Shall I get my mate for a foursome? I grew up in Berlin.

Any other wishes, ladies? Are you thinking of Udo? Don't worry, Rita. You'll have your Papa back tomorrow.

Georgie will look after him. I think I'm pregnant. A woman can feel it. You're kidding. Where else would he be but the Hotel Saxon Retreat?

How happy I feel in Rome! I can barely remember when a day in the north lifted my spirits so. The dull sky always weighed so heavily upon me.

The world seemed without colour or form. But now the bright ether illuminates my brow. Phoebus, arise, and paint the sable skies.

The night sky is filled with stars and sweet song. The moon shines brighter than many a northern day. To you, Mama. Udo Struutz, this is your day.

Did you see that? It's metal. Looks like a canary. February 2nd, Nobody who has not taken one can imagine the beauty of a walk through Rome Hey Papa!

It's 17 years since you called me anything but Mama. The Bay of Naples The Struutz family at Mt Vesuvius. Stand in front of Georgie.

Breathe in and don't move. Grandpa's camera! You were conceived in Georgie Georgie was our best man. Your bottom looks all right.

The axle is okay. Where's your hat, Georgie? What a faithful old soul you are, Georgie! The mirror's in one piece.

The roof I don't think we need it any more. I'm sure that Trabi drivers are the toughest of all.

March 9th, One agreeable aspect of travel is that even ordinary incidents, because they are novel and unexpected, have a touch of adventure about them.

Listen to her! Here comes the yellow car, if it starts. Georgie, don't let us down. We've only got 9 months to get home. Activity Activity Annotations Notes Edits.

Mimble 22 June We watched this in our german class and although it had the teacher running for the fast forward during the Nudist beach bit, we all really enjoyed it.

I think it was one of the first times I have ever seen some of the guys in our class want to watch a movie because they like it, not just so they get out of doing some hard work.

It is about a family who travels from old East Germany? A lot of things happen to them but they eventually get to Rome.

It is worth seeing and is a real feel-good movie. The Italian landscapes and sights are shown in beautiful pictures when the trip of the Struuz' passes camping sites, nudist beaches a new experience for the people from GDR , lakes and finally Rome.

Their guidebook is a diary from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Mr. Struuz is German teacher , their car a Trabant. This typical Ossi-car is one of the funny elements.

The owner of the car is the father, he loves his car which he calls "Schorsch" and this leads to many funny moments. The main comical sources are the archetypes.

The film has many highlights, when the society of German revue artists and comedians appear in the film e. Diether Krebs telling the shocked Udo Struuz jokes about Trabants.

I enjoyed viewing the film and I think not only people with knowledge about the wessis and the ossis will do so, too.

All in all a wonderful story about a family getting away from the ex-GDR to see how the world out there really is Go Trabi Go is a fantastic film, and I recommend the splendid subtitled version for all German students.

Georgie the car is my hero and if there was a Trabi motorbike I'd get one. The movie is very funny as it's a comedy yet also has some sad tear-jerking.

A delight all the same. Ehrgeiz 26 February This film was a great success in Germany in the year That was the time when the Berlin Wall and the iron curtain just fell down.

It features a East-German Family, enjoying the new freedom and following on J. W Goethes steps to their first holiday in Italy.

Following the German reunification in , he sees the possibility to do so since it is now possible for him and his wife Rita Marie Gruber and daughter Jacqueline Claudia Schmutzler to travel to Italy.

Driving in their family Trabant called "Schorsch" , they set out to go on their first vacation in the "west".

Their first stop on their journey southwards is Regensburg where Struutz's brother-in-law Ottfried Fischer lives, who are portrayed as extreme opposites to the East German family.

Following this short family reunion, the family with their Trabant is transported by a friendly truck driver to Italy where they continue on their own again.

Arriving in Rome , the family's borrowed camera is stolen which prompts mother and daughter Struutz to chase after the thief, not only recovering their camera but also the money the thief stole.

Not being able to talk to the police about it and not being able to find Udo again, they decide to check into a luxury hotel with the recovered money.

Meanwhile, Udo sleeps in the car after driving through the city the whole day and is awakened by four young women who want to party with him, which leads to the Trabi driving down some stairs and casing being torn apart which they then replace with colorful spare parts.

The family reunites at the Spanish Steps the next day and continues onto Naples where the Trabi loses its roof because the family forgot to secure it in place while trying to make a picture of themselves with Vesuvius in the background.

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STAR WARS GALAXY AT WAR 30 Tage lang gratis testen, und read article das go trabi go jacqueline Chaos.

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Where did he go, anyway? Udo and a surprise. Udo without Georgie! That's like a lid without a pot. It's fully automatic.

Aperture, speed Even the film winds on automatically. The lens comes out and goes back in again. Look at Udo with Georgie, his old soapbox.

They're a waste of time. I spent more time under my Trabi than on top of my wife. Hey, Udo! How is your turbo? Get out, Jacqueline.

Get out immediately. If you want me to Udo, where are you off to, if I may ask? You won't get past Leipzig. We'll drive up Mt Vesuvius, smoke or no smoke.

The pictures will prove it. Sure Naples See Naples and die. I must confess that my journey was actually an escape from all that I had suffered on the 51st parallel.

I was hopefull, however, of finding heaven on the 48th. Go on, Mama, look in the glovebox. That's our compass.

It's better than any map. It's years old, but still current. You think this book will lead us to Naples? I'm sure Uncle Bernd and Aunt Gerda will be thrilled.

Of course. Turn that rubbish off! At once! Why don't you back me up, Mama? I left mine on the kitchen table. Drive on, Papa.

You're too stressed out to need it. How much longer to Regensburg? A convertible! Far out! How fast are we going?

Careful your bonnet doesn't fly up around your ears! Georgie, this is your personal best. Look where you're going, you idiot!

Oh boy Don't worry Udo. We'll get over the oxygen shock. Your sister I knew it. One day the Saxons are at the door Looks like a Turkish caravan.

We Saxons are so bright. The whole world knows that's right. And if you see us lapsing, it's 'cos we are relaxing.

Oh, Gerda Come inside. Look at this! Sit down. Nice wall unit you have. We could never afford one. That's a steal. Can I offer you anything?

Help yourselves. You shouldn't have, Gerda. Udo, are you still the diligent German teacher following in Goethe's footsteps? In fact, right now we're following him to Naples.

I am writing this on the 49th parallel. A very pleasant degree. The morning was cool but the day is turning out wonderfully mild. The fruit is not particularly exciting.

I am longing for grapes and figs. Well, Jacqueline, you've grown into a real woman. Alfons, show Jacqueline your computer.

Go on. This is my monitor. The switch is at the back. And this is the mouse. It gets you into the program. From the menu Yes, and if you want to know what's in it, you just move the mouse to here Look what I've got here.

It's virtually an empty room. First I let it out to a few Turks. After I got rid of the garlic stench I let it out to Easterners for 50 marks per day.

Including VAT. But that's cheap. No, that's per person. Times 4 and it's cash. And people claim they have no money.

I said to myself It was full. Well, go on inside. Make yourselves comfortable. And have a good sleep. En suite with shower over the toilet.

Here's a snack for you. Say hello to your mouse. I forgot to tell you. This is actually Dolly's place. Now you can rest easy.

Good night Dolly. Sleep well. Yes, good night. Next time you visit us I'll have a new program up. That's it. It's the head gasket. I can smell it.

That's typical of Udo. All he does is talk, talk. I hope you've got some sticky tape. The heart? This used to be your distributor.

It's all charred here. Well, shall we repair or bury it? Let's tackle it. A car is only human, right? What are you doing with that toy?

Go and fix Haslinger's BMW. Yes, Hasslinger's BMW. With a Trabant you can still see how a car works. I can disassemble this Trabi in one hour and reassemble it in two.

I've been repairing Trabis for 20 years. Nothing but Trabis. Just a moment That comes to Well, the spare parts are originals from Zwickau.

Nothing wrong with it! That's blown all our money. Let's drive home, Papa. How about a peep show? It's simply marvellous.

Just like old times, eh? We used to have a Gogomobile, you know. Remember when we drove to the mountains? It was red. And it was called Fritz.

That's right. No, keep it. You'll need it. Anyone who cares so much for his car must be okay. Well then, all the best. Keep it. No, it goes in there.

What the hell! Georgie must handle this or we can forget Naples. My Georgie! Look at that! Almost marks in 5 hours. I don't earn that in a week.

Half goes for the rent. Fair's fair. So I'll take my share. It's free enterprise. Quick, Papa! You can't do this!

It's bad manners. I don't believe this. Get out! This is not a toy. This is a Trabant. Get lost! Come, Mama! Don't you ever touch my car again!

We're on our way to Rome now. We'd better have a snooze first. I'm not eating until we reach Italy. Hotel Saxon Retreat? Not even a cigarette lighter?

This is the standard model. It's totally dislocated. Must you go to a department store? Rita needs a new swimsuit. She can't wear her old bloomers.

Or should she go naked on the Italian beaches? Out of the question. Too late. Drive on. There's another one.

A car without a bumper bar is like a man without a nose. At the scrap yard. Do your shopping and we'll meet a 3 o'clock. And you're not driving again before Naples.

It's impossible. It's crazy. Better to be crazy than old hat. It's a hot little number. It's great.

When you go for a swim the whole Riviera will boil. It's wickedly expensive. A bit of wickedness will be good for Udo. After all, his Goethe was one for the ladies.

Trying on everything, eh? How nice. This is silk from Paris. It's from our polyester factory.

I'll take it. You can pay over there. I'm going for a wander. See you later, Mama. Is it self-service here? What's this?

Original parts from Zwickau, eh? Like I said, as original as they come. Let's have a look. An original. No, don't worry.

It's okay. My car! That's my car! Does it still go? By the way, this is a scrap yard, not a car park.

Bloody saxon It's not your fault, Georgie. You've always done well. I'll grab you by the hair one day! Suddenly it is all over and some people suddenly feel they have a lot of catching up to do.

I enjoy watching this movie with my friends from East-Germany as they always laugh at the Struutz-family's impossible misadventures, because it reminds them of their first contacts with the west.

Like cheeky Jacqueline always getting the upper hand in all her encounters with respect-less and unsuspecting boys from the west.

Or Udo Struutz marveling at the beauty of a West-German public toilet. Or Rita Struutz's attempts at communicating with an Italian police officer.

And of course the unforgettable Diether Krebs serving up a never ending assortment of "Trabbi"-jokes as a manic, arrogant West-German trucker.

These moments reflect upon many "Ossis'" East-Germans experiences when they first visited the west after the wall had fallen.

If you look for a document of the times, this is probably the most truthful you will find, although some scenes are pure satiric overstatement and Jacqueline makes an absolutely unnecessary escape from her family at one point just to come up with an unconvincing song, possibly directed at starting a singing career for Claudia Schmutzler, which luckily never really took off.

Stay away if you want to learn German, however! The Struutzes speak in a very, very broad Saxon dialect which sounds very different from "clean" German.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Esselgeh 10 March If you don't know a Trabi: "Trabi" is the short form of "Trabant", a little car that nearly Everyone had in the GDR, even it was not very comfortable.

Udo Struutz, the main character of the film, loves his Trabi, calls it "Schorsch" and treats him like a real family member.

So in the first summer after the Berlin Wall has fallen he travels to Naples with his wife Rita and their year-old daughter Jacqueline.

Of course their holidays are not without complications. The fact of the film that I really find fascinating is that it is not shot in a later time as other "Wende" films like Good Bye Lenin, but it is really from that time it was shot in Summer and so it catches the real wall fall feeling - the neighbors in GDR who have now all cars from the west and laugh about Udo and his Trabi; Rita's sister and her family in West Germany who make a business out of the fall of the Iron Curtain they rent out their caravan to refugees from Eastern Europe , or Udo himself who tries to speak Russian to the people in Rome.

And I also like the music, which contains lots of styles, from girlie pop over rock to techno. I give the movie nine points.

So my criticism for this year-old film written and directed by Peter Timm is that it has not aged well at all. However, I am also surprised to see it being relevant back in It must have been as the film scored major nominations at the German Film Awards back then.

Or maybe it was just solidarity towards film and actors from the former GDR. Actually, these are still made today.

But the problem here is that the references are really minimal. Yes the "Trabi" was the popular car in the GDR, but you have to deliver more than that, even if they are driving around for the most part of the film in this car.

The rest honestly does not have really as many references as I had hoped about the 2 German countries and the current political climate back then.

The acting wasn't too great either, but Claudia Schmutzler was of course very easy on the eyes. Overall, do not be fooled by how early this was made.

This is another of these uncountable GDR-themed comedies from Germany that deliver very little, especially in terms of entertaining comedy.

I cannot recommend it. As a Trabi owner I love this film simply because I can relate to the adventure of driving one - there is never a dull day when you drive a Trabant!

This car is destined to be a classic and so is this film - a real 's style although made in road trip and just goes to show that not everything from the former DDR has be resigned to a sad and ungracious end!

But the best part is that it's all true! I have even had to shake the car the scene on the beach - try and guess for what reason!

Enjoy - at the end of the day it's about a family - and that includes their Trabi!

Eigentlich sollte ihm da wenig link können - Pappkamerad, der er ist. Dabei kommen Mitglieder in Berührung mit allerhand West-Typischem. Marie wurde eine Freundin fürs Leben. Mein erstes Westauto. Die haben ewig an dem Schlitz rumgeschnitten und gerissen. Nach zahlreichen Autopannen, Übernachtungen an zwielichtigen Plätzen und einer Mitfahrt auf dem Laster eines Fernfahrers der Trabi-Witze erzählt über den Brenner kommen sie Italien näher. Vater Struutz erfährt, dass seine Frau wieder schwanger ist. Der läuft ja ständig. Bitte aktivieren sie dies in Ihrem Browser. Zur optimalen Darstellung unserer Webseite benötigen Sie Javascript. Und weil Udo, Familienoberhaupt sowie leidgeprüfter Lateinlehrer, auch in der Freizeit am liebsten auf klassischen Spuren, folgt er den Stationen von Goethes "Italienischer Reise". Filmdaten Originaltitel Go Trabi Go. Währenddessen irrt Udo mit dem Trabi in der Stadt umher, z. Bloody saxon You'll be asleep again in two minutes. Elf minuten right. I said to myself Where's Papa? September 8th,Brenner. The main comical sources are the archetypes. Are you crazy?

Go Trabi Go Jacqueline Video

Claudia Schmutzler Jacqueline's Song soundtrack go trabi go Diese Diebe! Eigentlich click at this page ihm da check this out passieren können - Pappkamerad, der er ist. Goethes Italienische Reise dient Udo dabei als Wegbeschreibung, und auf dem Kofferraumdeckel steht der von Goethe berichtete italienische Spruch [2] : Neapel sehen und sterben. Go Trabi Go. Januar als einer der 2019 brien dylan o Filme über die Wendezeit in die deutschen Kinos und wurde in den neuen und in den alten Bundesländern ein Publikumserfolg. Hoffnung schöpfen Lehrer Udo, seine Frau Rita und Tochter Jacqueline durch die überraschende Erbschaft einer Fabrik in der Nähe von. go trabi go jacqueline

Go Trabi Go Jacqueline - Neuer Bereich

Weil wir Ossis nicht richtig getroffen waren. Neuer Bereich. Links in MDR. Aber er bleibt ein sehr wichtiger Film für mich. Abends nach Drehschluss durch die Stadt zu laufen, war gigantisch und schon fast zu viel. Mein Freund here mich rum. Am Bildrechte: ARD Degeto. Abends nach Drehschluss durch die Stadt zu laufen, war gigantisch und schon fast zu viel. In Rom wurden viele Szenen rund um die Piazza del Popolo gedreht; am Pinciohügel oberhalb der Piazza del Popolo entstand beispielsweise die Hotelbalkonszene. Zur optimalen Darstellung unserer Webseite benötigen Sie Javascript. Namensräume ValentinstagsgrГјГџe Diskussion.

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